About Robin

Dr Robin Craig has a Ph.D. in molecular genetics from the University of NSW. In 1980 while only 24 and still working on his doctorate, he founded his own research company, Genesearch Pty Ltd, with a few colleagues. Today Genesearch is one of the oldest biotechnology companies in Australia, specialising in applications of microbes in industry and agriculture, as well as retailing enzymes for research in molecular biology.

Dr Craig is a member of Mensa, the well-known high-IQ society. In 1992 Dr Craig began what has been described as “the longest-running, most popular, most controversial series ever to appear in Tableaus [the journal of Australian Mensa] – namely, Philosophical Reflections.” This wide-ranging series covers a variety of issues from the nature of knowledge to ethics and politics, and issues as diverse as free will, the philosophy of science, the nature of rights and art. The articles are written to be controversial and promote a philosophy of reality, reason and individual rights. Philosophical Reflections has has been the most successful series in the history of Tableaus, generating reactions ranging from admiration to rage, and prompting a number of other authors to submit articles on their own philosophical and political ideas.

Dr Craig’s writings have also been published in Reality magazine (a US-based philosophy periodical, now defunct), and some have been reprinted in Summa Philosophiae (a monthly philosophical journal in Georgia, USA). He has also had a number of Letters to the Editor published in Australian newspapers and magazines including The Australian, The Financial Review, and The Bulletin. In addition he has had 14 scientific publications, mainly in the field of population genetics. Elements of Dr Craig’s philosophy are available at the MonoRealism philosophy site.

Radio & Public Speaking

In 2002 Dr Craig began appearing on ABC 612 AM “Queensland local radio” on the Peter Gooch show, discussing biotechnology, the philosophy of science, and philosophy in general, generating very positive feedback from the public. An hour-long “package” on the philosophy of art developed with Peter Gooch is being sent throughout Queensland and Australia, and other packages are being developed.

In May 2002 Dr Craig spoke at the University of Queensland’s Lyceum Club on the ethics of human cloning and stem cell research.

Dr Craig has also spoken on the ethics of human cloning and stem cell research to the Banora Point Lions Club and the Victorian 201V4 Lions Club Regional Conference in 2003.

Philosophical Consulting

Think philosophy, think boring and too hard to bother with, is most people’s attitude.

But philosophy is for every person, not an obscure pastime for the few. Everything we do, we do by choice; and every choice we make, we make for a reason – and those reasons are our philosophy.

At ThoughtWare we offer you coaching in a practical, workable philosophy of life: a philosophy that values the individual, and has the motto: reason is the highest virtue.

How do you know if coaching is right for you?

If you can answer yes to any of the following questions, you may be ready for coaching:

  • Are you wishing you made more money?
  • Are you feeling that other people are happier than you are?
  • After attaining a measure of success, do you ask yourself, “Is this all there is?”
  • Are you facing important choices that are difficult to make?
  • Do you set large goals, but don’t know how to reach them?

If any of these questions strike a chord with you, then you are ready for a coach!

Why should I hire a philosophical coach?

We partner with many people whose goals are: more happiness, more fulfillment, and more income. Too many of today’s companies are losing profits, productivity, and people because of ineffective leadership, caustic cultures, and uninspired employees and these can be attributed to people’s philosophy.

On our philosophy, whatever its origin, rest the achievements and happiness of our lives. From it derive both the aims (or lack of them) we choose for our lives, and how we proceed to reach them. Everything we do, we do in pursuit of values: and what our values are, are by our choice; and why we have chosen them, is our philosophy of life.

Coaching can assist you to understand your own philosophy and why you hold it and what you believe in, and therefore understand your life and actions better. Coaching can help you not only identify but improve your philosophy, and therefore your chances of a happy and fulfilling life and career.

How does coaching take place?

Depending on your preferred method, we offer e-coaching, phone coaching and face-to-face coaching. Most often a mixture of these methods is the most productive in producing outcomes you are seeking.

How much will this cost?

$350 per hour no minimum no maximum. Travel time is charged for face-to-face coaching.

How can I get started?

Contact us at: philosophy@thoughtware.com.au