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THE Au & NZ Teams 2 Some of our team at our i.on my conference in 2012 – Q1 Gold Coast, Australia

We are particularly keen to hear from people with Project Management and/or Business Analysis skills and experience.

As the nature of our work is fundamentally project based from time to time we require ad hoc, contract staff to join our team for specific projects and/or pieces of work, plus occasionally we seek longer term.

As such we are continually scanning the environment for people who would add value to the ThoughtWare team and who would gain benefit from joining us.

So if you are actively seeking opportunities and like what you read on our web pages and below please complete the form and register your interest for a future opportunity with us

Flexible hours – At ThoughtWare this has been translated to implicit trust that employees are committed to their work, and would deliver desired outcomes – therefore clock watching is not required. Instead a clear understanding of what the job entails is required, and employees accept the responsibility for managing their working hours.

ThoughtWare actively encourages work from home, when desired and deemed by the staff member as appropriate. Additionally if time off is required to address family or personal matters, permanent employees can do so without loss of salary, other employees may do so without any reflection on their work ethics or commitment.

Support for personal and professional development – The directors of ThoughtWare strongly believe in building relationships and alliances via networking, as such we actively encourage employees to attend and become involved in business and IT industry events and activities.

Remuneration – No award is applicable, contract staff  are hired under voluntary employment agreements and contracts. We negotiate agreed remuneration for the specific job at hand.

What ThoughtWare staff have to say about working at ThoughtWare:

“ThoughtWare’s philosophy is to not watch the clock – they trust me to ensure that I deliver the results required – which means that I can have an afternoon or morning off to attend to something important, such as saying goodbye to a family member at the airport, and work for a couple of hours at night or on the weekend to catch up if I need to.” – Simone Files (note since this comment Simone has become the mother of 2 young children and continued for a number of years working flexible hours at ThoughtWare )

“The TW team provide a supportive, encouraging environment. Working at TW provides a range of opportunities in many areas: you get to meet and work with fabulous people, be challenged by your projects, develop and share innovations and be rewarded with flexible working conditions and a friendly, non-threatening atmosphere.” – Jenine Beekhuyzen

“Working casually for ThoughtWare has been wonderful for me. As the mother of three young children, my family’s needs take first priority. Work requirements for me need to be flexible. The projects that I have undertaken for ThoughtWare include data entry and research work. The style of work enables me to work from home and at my convenience for long or short periods of time. This flexibility allows time for ‘stress free’, thorough completion of projects. I have found the work interesting and feel that it has broadened my understanding of a range of business issues and initiated improvement of my computer skills.” – Janet Googe (note since this comment Janet is now the mother of 4 young children )

“Working with ThoughtWare has enabled me to balance my career as an IT professional and to manage the personal aspects of my work and at times, unusual home life commitments. My partner travels extensively in his work – 22 days in Australia this year.

“ThoughtWare’s business culture encourages a supportive framework focussed on quality outcomes, using both action and employee oriented work practices. Their family-friendly approach to flexible hours and style of work along with their efficient use of technology allows me to both telecommute and work in the office as required.

“In the past 12 months, I have benefited from networking opportunities and access to relevant training, as well as from the rapport in customers seeing IT and business services in a new light.” – Dianne Davis

“I find working for ThoughtWare a positive experience in many ways. I appreciate Sonja’s ability to be flexible with meetings etc and in being able to see potential in me after a period of time off work. I appreciate the extra assistance in attending conferences, awards and professional organisations which has allowed me to network and get to know the industry culture in Queensland.” – Annie Turner

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Some team members at i.on my trade shows (2014: Hobart, Tasmania on the left and 2013: Melbourne, Victoria on the right)