Do you really see your compliance issues?

Look and see how others benefit from i.on my software to realise VIP information at the right time to the appropriate people, and help manage your planning cycle and compliance processes. Simply roll your mouse over each of the ‘people’ below and work out if you know about the associated issues and can manage actions to allow you to keep on eye on your real business?

Reduces paperwork and gives you time to spend on what really matters – your business Offer Award winning platform, designed for your industry.

High level benefits are:

  1. Strengthened governance and risk management
  2. Enhanced corporate consistency, streamlining processes and transparency
  3. Improved ability to address compliance, audit and accreditation requirements
  4. Automated integration/interfacing
  5. Cost, efficiency and productivity savings
  6. Service outcomes improvement – providing staff more time.

Here is a snapshot of those benefits:

1. Governance
  • Reduced risk and enhanced decision making through timely reporting and linking organisational structures to operating activities
  • Works to address the organisation’s duty of care and enhance confidence
2. Consistency
  • Providing auditable and searchable trail of documentation across all programs
  • Reliable and accurate enterprise wide data for internal and external reporting
3. Compliance
  • Helps address incident, accident and infection compliance; legislative, risk and audit requirements
  • Automated building of accreditation evidence
4. Interfaces
  • Ability to link to existing systems and technologies to avoid duplicated records
  • Potential pathway to replacing some older systems
5. Savings
  • Delivers alerts & reminders into the hands of those who need to know, what they need to know, when they need to know
  • Handover time savings due to clear record of events, actions and responsibilities
6. Service Outcomes
  • Time freed up through streamlined processes and reduced paperwork
  • Staff able to focus on providing quality services instead of on paperwork and compliance
  • Helps create a culture where people are empowered to act to protect your brand