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We have a collection of video tutorials which cover common tasks, setup and more. We also offer a variety of training options to suit your needs.

When should you create a Support ticket?

  • You should create a new ticket if you are having a new issue or have a new question to ask our support staff.
  • You should reply to an existing ticket if you have further information or questions about the issue in that ticket.
  • You should reply to an existing ticket that had been resolved only if you discover that the issue is not in fact resolved, otherwise submit a new ticket even if it is a related issue.

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How to create a ticket by email

Simply send an email to . The subject of the email will become the subject of the ticket, and your ticket will be logged in the Support Centre system.

How to create a ticket on the web

Log in to the website at and click Submit a Ticket.

Receiving replies and replying to tickets

Replies will be sent directly to you by email. A ticket reply email will always have the ticket ID at the start of the subject, such as [ionmy #XYZ-123-45678].

You can reply to tickets either by replying to the appropriate email (ensure it is one with the ticket ID in the subject as above, so it will be added to the Support Centre system automatically), or by clicking the Add Reply button when viewing a ticket online.

You can also view any past tickets, including replies, on the Support Centre site.

Other information on the Support Centre

Data mining the support site and using the free online learning materials is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

1300 Call Centre is available 8am to 5pm AEST Monday-Friday on Ph: 1300 659 506.

For our New Zealand Clients, we offer an Auckland phone number for mission critical support needs (09) 801 0415.  This is available from NZ 9am to 5pm AEST Monday-Friday.

The Support Centre website also includes some other useful information for you.


We post here when we release a new version or patch – here you can see what’s been updated in i.on my recently.


In these sections we post information of general use to clients. (Note that there is currently a lot of old material in this section, but keep an eye on them for new useful material soon!)