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What’s in it for you” i.on my centre provides:

  • framework to manage planning process
  • implement good practices for continuous improvement
  • checklists, prompts, reminders, alerts…
  • accidents/incidents, risks, hazards, medicine/chemical management
  • record of policy/procedures, philosophy and history of changes
  • highly flexible survey tool – design and analyse survey data
  • record of evidence for audits/validation
  • you may even capture and report on your community, carbon credit and water saving activities

A tool for childcare and early learning centres to assist you with the process of continuous improvement to inform quality practice and meet compliance requirements.

i.on my centre promises to deliver simple accreditation, compliance and governance functionality that:

  • assists you to keep your eye on your centre;
  • addresses your legislative and regulatory requirements;
  • can inform/enhance practice by capturing and assisting to action suggestions, evaluations, planning and improvements;
  • helps you to manage compliance, map competencies and improve productivity;
  • gives you and your staff more time for the things that matter – providing quality care and education;

Designed to deliver maximum flexibility giving you the ability to add additional fields if you require them and for a single child care centre the system can take as little as a day or two to set up, learn and commence using.

Securely hosted web based software application that provides password controlled secure access to you and your staff.

Learn what others have to say …

“Learning how to set reminders for policy upgrades, compile surveys and get all my evidence for accreditation under control – i.on my centre has made life at my centre a lot easier.”

Cheryl – Co-Licensee – Alphabet Gardens Childcare Centre

“Having been in the child care industry for the past twelve years and Director for eleven of those, the greatest difficulty of my job is keeping track of the paper work that seems to multiply each year … I believe that i.on my centre provides the solution.”

Nicole – Director, Albert Waterways Children’s Centre