Evidence based Governance, Risk Management and Compliance platform to assist with areas such as; hazard, risk, chemical, infection and accident management.

  • assists you to keep your eye on your core business;
  • addresses your duty of care, legislative and regulatory requirements;
  • is not only hazard, chemical, risks such as excursions, and accident, but also governance including policies & procedures, audits, plus meeting management and more.
  • identify trends in accidents, hazards and risks.
  • gives you and your staff more time for the things that matter – providing exemplary educational services for your community.

Powerful Real Time Reporting

  • Identify place of injury trends.
  • Identify type of injury trends.
  • Student accident summary & trends
  • Sport incident summary & trends
  • Medications incidents

Staff and student behavioural incidents

Workflow driven by your business rules Real time reports including 3D visualisations Powerful alerts & reminders
The workflow engine is driven by your rules, your processes, your requirements and your industry needs: and easily kept up to date with your evolving needs. Industry standard reports provided, plus an easy to use drag and drop report designer is available for reports limited only by your imagination. Set and (don’t) forget! You define what messages go to whom, about what, when they are delivered and escalated and whether by email and/or SMS.
Flexible forms builder Embedded integration Key events escalations monitoring
Tailor forms to your nomenclature and preferred design using our highly flexible tools. Rename, reposition, reuse, hide fields, or build new forms. One system, all connected. Highly integrated, connecting through automated workflows: no multiple entry – and no forgetting. If a response or resolution time threshold is passed, escalations occur automatically according to your service plan business rules.
Cloud based or in-house Any device, anytime, anywhere. Sophisticated security
No tech skills required for our dedicated server, or use your own complete with AD authentication and single sign on. Works with iPads, tablets, laptops, smartphones and desktops and compatible with any modern browser. What your staff can see and do depends on your rules. Flexible enough to handle complex requirements.

Powerful Real Time Reporting

  • 1. Identify place of injury trends.
  • 2. Identify type of injury trends.
  • 3. Student accident summary & trends
  • 4. Sport incident summary & trends
  • 5. Medications incidents
  • 6. Staff and student behavioral incidents
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