A gend(er)

  Fascinating Technology
  Facts - 1

  ICT women we know
  (and love)- Ada Byron

  Fascinating Technology
  Facts - 2

  ICT women we know
  (and love)- Admiral Hopper

  Fascinating Technology
  Facts - 3

  The future is here
  - mobile populations

  The future is here
  - spaced out

  Sample SET Careers &
   Realities about ICT Careers

  Skills in demand

  Forensic Science

  Forensic Scientist


  How to Clone a Human

  Genetically Modified
  - food, animals , plants

  Stem Cells in Brief

  Genome Project
  what next……

  Some common diseases for
  which there is clear evidence
  for genetic susceptibility

  NanoTechnology 1

  NanoTechnology 2

  Quantum and DNA

  Quantum Computing……

  Role Models:
 A Novel Approach

  Forget perceptions
  - look at reality

  Ready, GET SET, GO












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If you are a student, educator, parent or just interested you will gain value from the information in our multimedia presentation Science, Engineering & Technology Careers.

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