Network Phases

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Relationships have phases - relationships (along with work) are at the heart of networking - networks have phases, which form a cycle of increasing networks

  1. 1 - Making contacts
    1. experienced networkers spend considerable time and effort placing themselves where they will receive maximum contacts - joining organisations, reviewing events (voluntary work, newspaper, local notice board)..
  2. 2 - Realistic process of selection
    1. Holding onto unproductive people will slow down your success. Don't have to stop all contact just don't include in core network.
  3. 3 - Building the relationship
    1. No short cuts. Relationships grow over time with hefty investment of planning and energy.
  1. You can make contacts quickly - but you cannot build relationships quickly. Need to spend time together, listen to each other, and be available with ideas, support and honesty to develop a valuable networking relationship.
  2. Need to examine each phase on a regular basis to identify where weak.
  3. To be truly effective need to operate on all three phases simultaneously. Should always be searching for new contacts, continually reviewing those contacts to identify the more productive ones, and building relationships.



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