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ThoughtWare uses PayPal for highly secure payment options. Even if you are not yet a PayPal member, it is worth the quick and easy joining process, as you will then have access to instant, secure online purchases from millions of other sites around the world.

Physical Products

Screen Goddess IT Calendar (2007)

Don't miss out on this unique collectible - the highly controversial calendar that garnered world wide attention for featuring beautiful photos of real women working in the IT industry, in poses inspired by movie goddesses old and recent. This 15 month calendar (Oct 2006 to Dec 2007) features full colour photos and information on careers and women in IT.

More information (note: calendar can no longer be bought from there).

Rest of world:

Philosophical e-Books

The Philosophy of Business

An e-book discussing the philosophy of business from an objective standpoint, including the essence of what a business is, why it needs philosophy, why it is virtuous to make money, and what virtues are required to run a business.

Approx 5,800 words (9 pages).

Cloning Around

This challenging and controversial e-book presents an overview of the science of cloning and stem cells, and an analysis of the ethical questions surrounding them from the basis of an objective ethics grounded in reality and reason. This philosophical analysis by biotechnologist and philosopher Dr Robin Craig includes the basis of ethics in human life, reason and individual rights, and argues for the morality of human cloning and stem research.

19 pages, illustrated.

Brief Candle: Letters To My Daughter

A mother's first-hand account of her teenage daughter's suicide attempt, the affects on the family, and their philosophical and cognitive attempts to set their daughter back onto a life-affirming path. Includes extensive quotes from actual emails between family members at the time.

More Information

Multimedia Presentations (Sonja Bernhardt)

The Art of Networking

A dynamic, colourful, animated presentation that provides practical realistic tools, hints and tips and gets you straight into action planning. After being entertained by this presentation you will be able to immediately start using your newly acquired or refined networking skills.

More Information

Nano, Quantum, Bio What?

In this informative animated presentation you will discover the fascinating worlds of nano technology, biotechnology, quantum and DNA computing and cloning. Gain insights into developments in quantum processing and DNA mapping, learn how nanotechnology came about, and discover the future of nano virus finding robots.

More Information

Science, Engineering & Technology Careers

If you are a student, educator, parent or just interested in knowing more about careers in the fields of science, engineering and technology (SET), you will gain value from the information in this multimedia presentation.

More Information

Business Information e-Books

Guide to Mentoring Program Evaluation

Wondering how to evaluate a mentoring program? What questions to ask, how to measure success? This tool provides hints and tips to guide this process for you. Evaluation of a mentoring program at pilot or implementation stage is a key component for future delivery of that program.

More Information

IT Hardware

We recommend My-ITManager for a selection of quality IT products at competitive prices.

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